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Since 1986 Powerline Models Pty Ltd has been fostering interest in models of Australian trains, encouraging people into and onwards in the hobby of model railways and has produced a range of model trains for beginners, modellers and enthusiast. Setting the standard in Australian model trains making it what it is today.

Powerline Models Pty Ltd is 100% Australian owned and operated and produces everything from train sets to locomotives, passenger carriages, freight wagons, accessories and collectable Limited Editions.

Powerline models have been designed to combine detail and accuracy at an affordable price.

Powerline products are available through all good hobby, model and train shops across Australia. It is Powerline's policy to support the hobby, model and train stores as they are the face, first point of call and often the starting point for many new modellers and enthusiasts. Should you not have access to a Powerline Retailer, live overseas or find product hard to get then please order through Powerline Direct online, via Email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or through H0 Model Trains online.


A limited stock of T Class and 48 Class locomotives is still available


The Following product are now available in all Powerline Retailers


VSX/VSF Louvre Van VR with kadee

PD-200A -809 VSX-809 VR

PD-200A -930 VSX-930 VR

PD-200A -834 VSX-834 VR

PD-200A -801 VSX-801 VR

PD-200A -847 VSX-847 VR

PD-203A-1036 VSF-1036 VR

PD-203A -1037 VSF-1037 VR

PD-203A -1038 VSF-1038 VR

PD-203A -1039 VSF-1039 VR

VLEX/VLEY Louvre Van VR with Kadee

PD-205A-803 VLEX-803 VR

PD-205A-808 VLEX-808 VR

PD-205A-812 VLEX-812 VR

PD-205A-937 VLEX-937 VR

PD-208A-813 VLEY-813 VR

PD-208A-822 VLEY-822 VR

PD-208A-849 VLEY-849 VR

PD-208A-986 VLEY-986 VR

VLNX Louvre Van VR with Kadee

PD-211A-22 VLNX-22 VR

PD-211A -19 VLNX-19 VR

PD-211A -20 VLNX-20 VR

Victorian Bulk Wheat Bogie Hoppers w/kadee

PD-100A-222 GJF-222 VR

PD-101A-303 VHGY-303 VR

PD-102A-316 VHGY-316 VG

PD-103A-332 VHGF-332X VG

PD-106A-302 VHGF-302H VF

PD-107A-323 VHGF-323J VF-ABB

PD-108A-259 VHGF-259 VF-CUB

New South Wales

BCH NSWGR Coal Hopper w/kadee

PC-100A BCH-28625 NSWGR

PC-100B BCH-28702 NSWGR

PC-100C BCH-28909 NSWGR

PC-100D BCH-28999 NSWGR

PC-100E BCH-29209 NSWGR

PC-100F BCH-29417 NSWGR

PC-100G BCH-32393 NSWGR

PC-100H BCH-32749 NSWGR

BWH NSWGR Grain Hopper w/kadee

PC-101A BWH-28735 NSWGR

PC-101B BWH-28962 NSWGR

PC-101C BWH-29298 NSWGR

PC-101D BWH-29423 NSWGR

PC-101E BWH-32008 NSWGR

PC-101F BWH-32274 NSWGR

PC-101G BWH-32545 NSWGR

PC-101H BWH-32638 NSWGR



Next new items to arrive will be the SRA NHDA (Coal Hopper) and NGBA (Wheat Hopper) in 2014/2015

Numerous other projects are under way including the S Cars, 830 Class, Candy 48 Class and the 81/G1/G2/ BL Class locomotives.